Insurance Expert Witness On Premium Increases

In Barry Zalma on Whether Premium Increases Are Due to Weather Changes, insurance expert witness Zalma writes:
“It is dangerous in most legal analyses to limit the conclusion to one factual issue. Underwriting insurance requires the analysis of multiple factual issues that can increase or decrease the potential for loss. The underwriter and the actuary want to cover those risks where the insurer can collect sufficient premiums to pay all losses that can be anticipated and to still have enough to make a profit for its stockholders. Insurers cannot allow hysteria over global warming to effect their decisions with regard to a particular risk. They must review all of the potential factors that can effect the risk so that a well run, well built structure, on land above sea level in New Orleans becomes a risk an insurer is willing to take for a reasonable premium while a home in Beverly Hills, well built on stable ground owned by a person who has suffered five fire losses in the last ten years and three theft losses in the last five years, becomes an unacceptable to a prudent underwriter.”