Accident Reconstruction Expert Witness On Diving Injuries Part 2

Accident investigation expert witness Steven Barsky is Principal of Marine Marketing and Consulting, a consulting business for the diving and marine-related industries. In Analysis of a Diving Accident: Death of a Diver, the expert witness writes on lessons to be learned for diving companies:

During his deposition, the head of the diving company admitted that although his company was a member of the ADCI, he had only joined the association to obtain the insurance and believed that Consensus Standards were not something that applied to his operations. Unfortunately, he learned that these are the standards your company will be held to as a commercial diving contractor.

Never modify diving equipment that you have purchased from a manufacturer. Once a piece of gear is modified, the liability for that equipment becomes your responsibility. If you think there is a problem with a piece of gear and it needs modification, consult the manufacturer and get their response in writing before making any changes.

Always be sure that the people you employ are qualified graduates of a recognized commercial diver training program. The days of hiring people out of bars or with only sport diving experience are far behind us.

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