Insurance Coverage Expert Witnesses & Liability Insurance

Insurance coverage expert witnesses may write reports and testify on insurance customs, insurance practices, liability policies, and more. Here, writes on liabilities issues when hosting a a party:

Whether you’re driving to the big game, watching it in a bar or hosting a party, follow these tips to keep from dropping the ball on your insurance coverage. A big… issue can be liability if guests hurt themselves on your property or, worse, drink and drive. State laws vary, but even “states that don’t impose liability in general can impose it if the host serves alcohol to a minor,” says Kenneth Berman, an attorney with Berman, Sobin & Gross, LLP in Gaithersburg, Md. “Everyone should go into this knowing that they can be held responsible if a guest gets hurt or hurts someone else,” he says.

According to Lisa Lobo, vice president and consumer insurance expert at The Hartford, “Liability insurance is part of every homeowners policy and would cover up to your limit, usually about $100,000 if someone slips and falls on an icy sidewalk or drowns in your hot tub. But liability insurance may not be enough. We recommend a personal umbrella policy to cover all of your assets and net worth in case of a lawsuit.” Umbrella insurance policies offer additional liability coverage of $1 million or more and usually cost $200 or $300 annually.

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