Insurance Expert Witness On The Business Of Healthcare

In Healthcare Reform: Hurricane or Rainbow, insurance expert witness Stephen George, MBA-HA, writes:

The common denominator to the “business of healthcare” is the assumption and management of financial risk. Fewer and fewer insurers will allow physicians and hospitals a blank check going forward, and our government will set the pace of the charge because of the burgeoning Medicare and Medicaid entitlement programs. The sooner medical providers realize their future autonomy hinges on balancing cost with efficacy of care, the better chance of keeping control. The AMA has been enormously effective at repealing federal fee schedule cuts, but that cannot be counted on forever. The AHA has been noticeably ineffective in getting cuts repealed. Should the national insurance advocates have their way, tremendous change is in store for hospitals, physicians, health insurers and consumers.

Mr. George is a federal court qualified expert witness. He is certified by the AMA for CME teaching, and holds adjunct professor status at Nova University, Southeastern. Since establishing Provider Risk in 1995, Mr. George has served as president and CEO.