Insurance Agencies Expert Witness On Advisory Boards Part 9

In The Advantages of Strategic Advisory Boards For Agency Owners insurance agencies expert witness Andres Barile, MBA, CPCU, writes:

Legal and Tax Advice
• Selecting an insurance litigation law firm – The number of lawsuits between agents and insurance companies has dramatically increased over the past five years. Interviewing law firms for litigation purposes requires a type of expertise that agent owners do not have. Your strategic advisory board will only be as good as you, the agent owner, want it to be. It will be your responsibility to keep your board informed of situations that affect your agency.

When appointing members, it is important to consider:

• Is this person knowledgeable about this area of expertise in relation to the insurance industry?

• Can this person be trusted with complete confidentiality?

Remember that your strategic advisory board is there to assist you in making the right decisions for the future of your agency.

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