Child Abuse Expert Witnesses Part 1

In Child Abuse Pediatrics: A Certified Sub-Specialty In Pediatrics child abuse expert witnesses at Child Abuse Pediatrics Consulting Services write:

In choosing a quality medical expert for a family, criminal or malpractice matter involving sexual abuse, sexual assault, physical abuse, child neglect or child fatality, the attorney should have an understanding of current certifications in the field. On the initial call, the attorney should feel comfortable that the expert is objective, familiar with the wide body of child abuse literature, and comfortable providing education about your case.

Although all physicians have basic training in the detection of child abuse & are mandated reporters, not all physicians have experience in the diagnosis, management or interpretation of potential abuse. The American Board of Pediatrics designated Child Abuse Pediatrics as a sub-specialty in 2006. Pediatricians are now required to complete a three-year fellowship after residency (six full years of training beyond medical school) to qualify to take the sub-specialty examination. For further information regarding eligibility criteria for Child Abuse Pediatricians, please go the American Board of Pediatrics website