Hydrology Experts On Kauai Deaths

A Kauai grand jury indicted retired auto dealer Jimmy Pflueger last week on seven counts of criminal manslaughter in connection with the 2006 Kaloko Dam collapse that killed seven people on Kauai’s North Shore. Pflueger is accused of altering an earthen dam that led to the breach on March 14, 2006, which sent floodwaters rushing down Wailapa Stream. The flood tore several homes off their foundations and washed away seven victims as they slept.

Lawyers said they have photos and witnesses to show Pflueger blocked a spillway for excess water even though he was warned not to. Pflueger testified he was aware that there was seepage through the Kaloko Dam and “that is a very major problem according to our experts,” said attorney Rick Fried. Earlier this year a dam expert said that the state should appoint an inspection team to evaluate dams so people living downstream know what the risks are.

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