Health Insurance Expert Witnesses

Health insurance expert witnesses may opine on insurance policies, insurance claims, insurance carriers, and associated matters. In Why Employers Will Continue to Provide Health Insurance: The Impact of the Affordable Care Act (Policy Briefs/Timely Analysis of Health Policy Issues), Linda J. Blumberg, Matthew Buettgens, Judy Feder, and John Holahan of the Urban Institute write:

The Congressional Budget Office, the Rand Corporation, and the Urban Institute have estimated that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will leave employer-sponsored coverage largely intact; in contrast, some economists and benefit consultants argue that the ACA encourages employers to drop coverage thereby making both their workers and their firms better off (a “win–win” situation). This brief’s analysis shows that no such “win–win” situation exists and that employer-sponsored insurance will remain most workers’ primary source of coverage. Analysis of three issues-the terms of the ACA, worker characteristics, and the fundamental economics of competitive markets-supports this conclusion.

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