Construction Expert Witness On How To Advertise Part 2

In Experts – How do you Advertise?, construction expert witness William Gulya, Jr., President & CEO, Middlesex Trenching Company, writes:

The next topic was print advertising such as post cards, newsletters, ads in law journals and alike. To my surprise the vast majority of experts did not participate in this type of advertising. The main reasons given for this was cost and time. Many experts felt the return on their investment was too small. More importantly, they believed the time it took to compose the advertising, create artwork, label and mail advertising was simply too time-consuming. I for one participate in each and every form of advertising mentioned. A regular marketing plan to your target audience can pay huge dividends. Admittedly, I use and depend on a marketing professional for this purpose.

The discussion then turned into advertising your service. Many of the experts had a guarded view of advertising. The most common concern was how to answer questions by opposing counsel about expert advertising. I was reminded of a piece I read not long ago in which a professional in expert marketing – Rosalie Hamilton, the Expert’s Expert on Marketing,, said –

If you are concerned about how you will look when answering questions about marketing your expert services, remember that the attorney grilling you is probably listed in local, state, and national bar association publications; Martindale-Hubbell(c) attorney directory; local, state, and national legal magazines and newspapers; the Yellow Pages; and his child’s athletic booster directory. As was the judge when he practiced law as an attorney!

William Gulya, Jr., President & CEO, Middlesex Trenching Company for more than 35 years, specializes in excavation & construction site preparation.