Gastroenterology Expert Witness’s Seven Points

Gastroenterology expert witness Dr. Perry Hookman has authored/coauthored over 40 publications in peer-reviewed medical literature. In Medical Malpractice Expert Witnessing : Introductory Guide For Physicians and Medical Professionals, Dr. Hookman writes that medical expert witnesses should adhere to these seven points:

1. Testify for both the plaintiff and the defense in different cases 2. Assess the merits of the case separately from agreeing to testify 3. Insist on reviewing all the records thoroughly 4. Develop a solid medical posture for each case 5. Review the case in a balanced, critical manner 6. Articulate carefully the standard of care in your own words before expressing it in deposition or at trial 7. Stay within the role and duty as “expert witness” and not as an advocate for either side.