Architecture Expert Witness & Biltmore Project

An anonymous developer is trying to bring a negotiated end to the legal dispute that erupted when Belleair, Florida granted code variances to Legg Mason real estate investors for a Biltmore project. The court is looking at whether unfair consideration was given to the developer during the quasi judicial hearing, namely that town officials were predisposed to favor the request and did not allow the complainants equal time to present their objections. During hearings, Mayor Gary Katica said, “I know the issue was about the parking spaces and when their (referring to the complainants) architecture expert witness was asked if he had ever done a parking study, his answer was no.”

Town officials aren’t saying much other than that the town had been approached by someone seeking to resolve the dispute and they were asked not to reveal the identity of the man. The anonymous man is a developer who builds condominiums, lives in Belleair, and is determined to resolve issues that potentially threaten progress on the Belleview Biltmore restoration.