The Nursing Expert Witness Part 2

In The Expert Nurse Witness, Ellen K. Murphy writes:

A nurse who is asked to consult or testify must approach the agreement with the retaining attorney as he or she would any other contract. The nurse expert has absolutely no duty to consult and cannot be subpoenaed to testify unless he or she consents to do so. This is a main point that should be negotiated up front. After the nurse agrees to provide a service, the nurse is legally bound by contract to do so; thus, there must be a clear expectation of services, timelines, and remuneration for time and expenses.

* Does the service consist of reviewing medical records and providing an opinion to the retaining attorney?

* Is this opinion to be an oral or written report?

* Does the record review include obtaining copies of relevant standards?

* Does the review include filing an affidavit of merit? If so, what is its due date?