Firearms Expert Witness Describes Firearms Identifcation

Former NYPD detective James M. Gannalo is a forensic firearms consultant, firearms and ballistics expert witness and President of Stria Consulting Group. He describes aspects of firearms identification:

1) Microscopic Analysis of Ballistic Evidence – visual assessment of firearm related toolmarks using a comparison microscope to evaluate an agreement or disagreement of class and individual characteristics. Bullets, bullet fragments, cartridge cases and live ammunition can be examined and evaluated using this scientific method.

2) Shooting Incident Reconstruction – use of precise measurements, digital imaging, bullet damage assessment and crime scene sketches to reconstruct shooting incidents. This can be used by both the prosecution and defense in cases where questions are raised as to the actual location of the person discharging a firearm or when witness statements fail to coincide with the physical evidence.

More to come from Stria Consulting Group.