Fatigue Limit Expert Witnesses & Schedule Optimization

Fatigue limit expert witnesses may write reports on driver fatigue, asleep at the wheel, drowsiness, and related topics. The Circadian Newsletter describes the issues involved in shiftworkers and schedule optimization.

Every plant is unique as are its shiftworkers. You can only achieve the best shift schedule through a logical, systematic search for what is optimal for your business efficiency and for the needs of your shiftworkers.

At numerous 24-hour operations, shiftworkers and management are laboring with antiquated or poorly designed shift schedules. These lead to:

* Production problems * Poor morale * Health and safety concerns * Worker fatigue * Absenteeism * High turnover
If this is your situation, you:

* Have trouble attracting or keeping shiftworkers because of challenging shift schedules * Have high absenteeism, turnover and accident rates * Have low morale because work/life balance is so difficult * Have trouble meeting production or operational requirements * Have higly fatigued employees due to their shift schedules

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