Insurance Claims Expert Witnesses & Auto Insurance Fraud Part 2

Insurance claims expert witnesses may opine on insurance policy interpretation, insurance fraud, and related topics. In 8 Great Ways to Get Busted for Auto Insurance Fraud, writes:

Insurance fraud is becoming more frequent as people look for “creative” ways to make money in the struggling economy. Insurance companies find that people file more claims in a down economy, often for smaller amounts. And, fraud is an increasing problem. With so many claims for car insurance companies to process, it may seem like a fraudulent claim can slip through unnoticed. Not so.

Just like the team on CSI uses advanced techniques to analyze evidence and figure out what happened, an insurance company’s Special Investigations Unit or SIU-which often includes reps with law enforcement experience-conducts a thorough investigation to detect fraud. (Please note that reminds consumers that insurance fraud is illegal and a very bad idea.) Here are a few things fraudsters try to get away with-and why it’s rare that they will:
2. “Spill” a little gasoline near the engine and report vandals torched your car.

OK, so hiding the car or arranging to have it stolen won’t work, but if the evidence burns up, there’s no way to figure out what happened, right? Wrong. Burn pattern analysis, computer simulations… it’s not hard to spot fires that were intentionally set.
3. Visit the chiropractor as much as possible after a car accident.

(Especially if you’re not really hurt. You’ll get free adjustments, and maybe the doctor will cut you in on a little extra money if you ask nicely.) Every SIU has medical experts who can tell if your injuries aren’t serious enough to need tons of medical attention. In addition, they keep track of doctors who repeatedly provide excessive treatment or attorneys who repeatedly recommend certain clinics.

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