Expert Witnesses Testify Re: Doctor Negligence

Expert witnesses, including Dr. Jay Shapiro, a cardiologist from Los Angeles, testified Wednesday in the civil suit filed against Kentucky doctor Mathew Shotwell. The late Peggy Bellamy and her sister Jacqueline Hopkins allege that 49-year-old Donald Bellamy died as a result of Shotwell’s “acts of negligence and gross negligence.” Mr. Bellamy died of a ruptured pseudoaneurysum, ultimately bleeding to death. The Ledger Independent also reports:

Plaintiffs seek compensation for medical expenses, funeral expenses, pain, suffering and lost wages. Life expectancy expert witness Dr. Edward Berla of a Lexington consultant firm testified regarding Donald Bellamy’s work life expectancy based on his record of continuous employment and other factors. Economist expert witness Dr. Ronald Missun testified regarding Donald Bellamy’s expected earnings based on his work life expectancy. He determined the minimum earnings to be more than $616,000, and topping out around $975,000, considering benefits, raises and other factors.