Expert Witness Retention Agreement Available Through SEAK

SEAK Inc. has developed a very comprehensive expert witness retention agreement. The contract addresses many issues, including:

• Being kept in the dark by retaining counsel • Being purposefully conflicted out of the case • Being stuck in a case with a problematic attorney • Collection of fees • Conflicts of interest • Credibility challenges • Deposition fees reduced via protective order • Document retention • Duties toward successor law firms • Expense reimbursement • Incomplete documentation • Lack of preparation by retaining counsel prior to testimony • Last minute testimony cancellations • Late payment of fees • Less than ethical attorneys • Licensing issues when testifying out of state • Non-payment of fees • Preserving the expert’s reputation • Pushed outside your true area of expertise • Refusal to pay for all time spent on case • Scheduling • Storage costs • Subpoenas • Travel conditions • Undisclosed Daubert challenges • Unreasonable budgets • Unreasonable deadlines • Unreviewed answers to interrogatories
This contract is well worth the $100 amount, and can be purchased by clicking here: Expert Witness Retention Agreement.