Expert Witness Resources Available in Anaheim, CA

Expert Suites has created a new concept in commercial office space and business services. This brand new facility is tailored to meet the unique needs of mediators, trial and jury consultants, Expert Witnesses and other legal industry providers such as court reporters, video deposition reporters, and attorneys who may be seeking specialized office space designed with the needs of legal industry.

Expert Suites offers:

• Services geared toward completing “busy-work” so clients can devote more time to building their business and practicing their craft
• An administrative staff that recognizes and honors the strict confidential nature of the legal industry • Accommodations for mock trials, depositions, and focus groups • Technology-oriented office spaces • Personalized phone answering and messaging • Extensive photocopying and imaging • Secure storage for evidentiary materials • Special evidence examination workspaces.
• Data storage and scanning • UPS/FedEx shipping and receiving • An environment conducive to brainstorming, camaraderie and mentoring

The newly renovated 13,000-square-foot facility is freeway-friendly and centrally located in northern Orange County. The facility includes a 7,500-square-foot, security-enhanced warehouse equipped with examination benches and storage lockers.

Expert Suites offers full and part-time office suites and virtual office accommodations.
It is a truly unique facility that gives the legal community the tools and the environment necessary to grow your business and to deliver exceptional business practices!

In addition to office space and special amenities, the facility has an audio/visual equipment center and resource library. For more information about Expert Suites,
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You are invited you to take a tour, by appointment only, by calling (877) 231-4343