Expert Communications Provides Valuable Expert Resources

Expert Communications provides expert witness training tools and creates marketing plans, materials, and websites for expert witnesses. You can sign up for their free email newsletter, Expert News, with tips, techniques, and information unique to the needs of expert consultants, by clicking here: Expert Communications Newsletter.

One of their most popular resources is the CD and transcript of a presentation by attorney Lee Gunn, “How to Be Picked, But Not Picked Apart,” in which he explains:

– How attorneys pick experts

– What attorneys avoid when choosing experts

– How plaintiff and defense attorneys differ

– The worst thing an expert can do that will get you blacklisted

– What makes an expert stand out and get referrals (a simple thing most experts miss!)

You can also learn about the unique nature of marketing expert witness services from the founder of Expert Communications, Rosalie Hamilton, in her book, The Expert Witness Marketing Book