Environmental Expert Witness Opines on Trans Canada Keystone Pipeline

The Trans Canada Keystone Pipeline plans to run 220 miles through South Dakota in its Alberta-to-Illinois route. Heidi Tillquist, an environmental expert witness with ENSD of Fort Collins, CO, says chances of a spill along South Dakota’s part of the line are no more than once in 41 years. The expert witness said that if a spill were to happen, “the spill is likely to be very small.” Keystone Pipeline is preparing for a December hearing on its request to the state PUC. ArgusLeader.com also writes:

Skeptics say all pipes leak eventually. Curt Hohn, manager of WEB Water, is among them. ‘If my line leaks, it’s unfortunate, but it means somebody’s field gets wet,’ he said. ‘If a crude-oil pipe leaks, that’s a different problem entirely.’


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