Construction Expert Witness On Guaranteed Maximum Contracts Part 3

In Guaranteed Maximum Contracts construction expert witness Paul Gogulski explains the the G-Max contract:

G-Max contracts best achieve the owner’s objective because a partnership is formed between owner and contractor wherein the owner agrees to reimburse the contractor for actual cost as it occurs, not from a schedule of values. This eliminates the distrust between parties. It also eliminates the contractor’s negligence to pay his suppliers and subcontractors because he gets audited monthly. In today’s market, this one issue alone will solve a lot of problems and insure both savings and a smoothly running project.

The owner plays an active role throughout the entire process. The whole issue of cost is manageable when the savings are shared, rather than negotiated from an adversarial position. When the administration is properly set-up and organized, the benefits are truly amazing. Because every purchase order and invoice received from the contractor is submitted to the owner as backup, and because the owner agrees to cut the time for processing and pay promptly, a positive and successful relationship is assured. Front end loading disappears, so does the haggling with price.