Computer Expert Witness For the Defense Also Talked to FBI

The leading expert witness for National Century Financial Enterprises executives accused of the nation’s largest private fraud also had talked with the FBI about fraudulent business at the company. Computer expert witness Bryant testified about work he did analyzing National Century’s computer system. Crashes in nine of the company’s hard drives, discovered years after National Century filed for bankruptcy, made it impossible for anyone to make conclusions about the company’s data, Bryant told the jury. But Bryant also had met with the FBI and handed over National Century documents he had secretly stored at his house. He did not disclose that to defense attorneys before federal Judge Algenon L. Marbley declared him an “expert witness” for the defense. also writes:

Former National Century executives Parrett, Ayers, James E. Dierker, Roger S. Faulkenberry and Randolph H. Speer are charged with fraud, securities fraud, wire fraud and money laundering.