Collision Analysis Expert Witness On Black Box Data

Collision analysis expert witness A. Zhukov, Ph.D., describes what type of stored data may be retrieved in a “black box” using Vetronix Crash Data Retrieval Tool (CDR Tool).

The CDR Tool is capable of harvesting information from vehicle’s SDM and RCM. The device records data on a laptop PC which could later be transferred to any other device, if needed. Recorded data depends on vehicle make, model and year. The following data is typical of what is found on a newer GM vehicle:

* Vehicle speed ( 5 seconds before impact )
* Engine speed ( 5 seconds before impact )
* Brake status ( 5 seconds before impact )
* Throttle position ( 5 seconds before impact )
* State of driver’s seat belt switch (On/Off)
* Passenger’s air bag enabled or disabled state (On/Off)
* SIR Warning Lamp status (On/Off)
* Time from vehicle impact to air bag deployment * Ignition cycle count at event time * Ignition cycle count at investigation * Maximum delta-V for non-deployment event * delta-V vs. time for frontal air bag deployment event * Time from vehicle impact to time of maximum delta-V