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Sports medicine expert witnesses may provide reports on professional athletes, sports injuries, exercise physiology, traumatology, and related matters. In the news, the NFL will pay $765M to former players who accused the league of hiding the dangers of brain injury in playing pro football and profiting from the violence (U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, MDL No. 2323).

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Correctional facilities standards of care expert witness Gene Miller testified in the death of inmate Shannon Finn. Finn is believed to have died of alcohol withdrawal while in the Warren County Regional Jail, KY. Finn’s survivors are suing Warrren county, the jail’s former medical director and deputy jailers for negligence resulting in his death.

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Expert Witness Profiler, LLC, the country’s leader in expert witness research, announced today the addition of the “Expert Challenge Predictor” feature to its Preliminary Screening Report product. With this new feature, the Preliminary Screening Report will now be able to predict instances of challenges to a particular expert’s testimony which the company’s legal researchers are likely to find.

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Industrial hygiene expert witness Fred W. Boelter testified in the case against Garlock Sealing Technologies in Bankruptcy Court, W.D.N.C.. The trial will determine the liability of Garlock for current and future asbestos claims. Fred W. Boelter, CIH, PE, BCEE, has nearly 40 years of experience in industrial hygiene, environmental engineering and risk management with expertise in examining asbestos exposure stemming from gaskets.

Explosions expert witnesses may consult on chemical explosives, magnetic explosions, steam boiler explosions, and dust explosions. In the news, an explosion at an Indiana grain bin southeast of Chicago left one worker dead. LaPorte County police say James Swank may have been the victim of a grain dust explosion at the Union Mills Co-op. A dust explosion is the fast combustion of dust particles in an enclosed area.

Products liability expert witness Susan Maccoy may consult on product development, product liability, professional liability, and employee and consumer injuries related to the cosmetology, beauty salon, and spa industry. Her expertise and professional experience encompasses the full range of cosmetology products, services, techniques, procedures, policies, and salon management.

Ms. Maccoy’s latest book, Down the Shampoo Bowl: The ABC’s of Hair Salon Management details successful business strategies as well as pitfalls to avoid in the cosmetology business.

In Samsung accuses Apple’s expert witnesses of being ‘iSheep’ in patent trial, information communications technology writer Zach Epstein, Executive Editor at BGR, reports that Samsung has described Apple’s patents expert witnesses as having a “slavish adoration” to the company.

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Computer security expert witnesses may consult regarding network security, network forensics, computer forensics, computer crime, hacking, and data security. reports that hackers stole $45M from thousands of ATM machines in just hours. The thieves hacked into a database of prepaid debit cards and then drained ATMs.


Sports injuries expert witnesses may consult on exercise physiology, sports injuries, sports medicine, and orthopedic rehabilitation, as well as related topics. reports that 46 year old soccer referee Ricardo Portillo has died after being punched in the head by a 17 year old goalie. The player was called for a foul and issued a yellow card warning. Portillo’s daughters had begged him to stop refereeing because of the growing risk of violence from angry players.

Oil and gas expert witnesses may opine regarding oil and gas pumps, fracking, petrochemical manufacturing, oil field explosions, and related matters. In the news, Mora County, N.M. has voted to ban oil and gas extraction using hydraulic fracking. Commissioners believe federal and state laws are not adequately protecting communities from hazards such as ground water contamination, risks to air quality, and migration of gases and hydraulic fracturing chemicals to the surface.

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