Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Expert Witness

At, carbon monoxide poisoning expert witness Dr. Richard Parent describes the poisonous gas and offers selected references on the subject.

Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas that is generated by incomplete combustion. Inside homes, it can be generated from improperly adjusted gas appliances, wood burning stoves, and furnaces. Carbon monoxide has an affinity for blood cells and prevents oxygenation of the blood resulting in difficulty breathing and stress on the cardiovascular system. Carbon monoxide can be lethal at high concentrations, but even at lower concentrations it can affect the brain and cardiovascular system leading to a condition referred to as anoxia. Breathing even low levels of carbon monoxide during pregnancy can lead to anoxia resulting in miscarriage or effects on the mental development of a child. Dr. Parent has addressed these issues in litigation and has developed pertinent references on the subject that are provided below….

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