Brain Injury Expert On Brain Trauma

Leading brain injury expert Dr. Neil Martin of UCLA Medical Center says that even falling from a standing position is “a six-foot fall as far as your head is concerned” and that relatively minor accidents can prove fatal.

The first three hours following the onset of a critical health episode like a stroke are critical. If care is delayed beyond this critical time window, the chance of recovery or even survival declines substantially. Much of the first hour following the onset of these critical episodes is spent simply getting the patient to the emergency room. Then the patient must then be diagnosed, CT and MRI images and scans taken and developed. Finally, a specially trained physician must review the images and make a decision on the appropriate treatment protocol.

Dr. Martin is Founder/CEO of Global Care Quest and Chief of Neurosurgery at UCLA Medical Center. His company has developed a new wireless mobile technology that allows physicians to view CT and MRI images and scans from remote locations. This solution, ICIS Mobile, transmits images over high speed wireless networks to a physician’s cell phone or PDA.