Brain Expert Witness Testifies in Lisa Montgomery Trial

Lisa Montgomery is on trial in federal court in Kansas City for killing Bobbie Jo Stinnett in December 2004 and cutting her baby from her womb. Vilayanur Ramachandran, a brain expert witness researcher and California university professor, testified that Montgomery suffered from a delusion that she was pregnant. People with this condition, known as pseudocyesis, will go as far as manufacturing evidence to cling to their delusion, the expert witness said. The Kansas City Star also writes:

First Assistant U.S. Attorney Matt Whitworth questioned Ramachandran about all the evidence against Montgomery and the inconsistent statements she gave about her alleged pregnancy in the months leading up to Stinnett’s killing. He testified that “fluctuations” in a person’s stories would be consistent with an emotionally disturbed person in a delusional state.”Despite all this evidence you contend that she didn’t know it was wrong?” Whitworth asked. “That is correct,” Ramachandran answered.