Ballistics Expert Witness Testifes Against Brian Nichols

Defense witnesses began testimony Tuesday in the case against Brian Nichols. On March 11, 2005, Nichols was on trial for rape when he allegedly overpowered a deputy, took her gun, and went into the Fulton County, Georgia, courtroom and shot both the judge and a court reporter. Nichols is also charged with killing a sheriff’s deputy outside the courthouse and a federal agent a few miles from the courthouse.

In his taped confession, Nichols said Federal Agent David Wilhelm pulled a gun on him. He also said actually pulled the trigger to try to shoot him. Nichols claimed he heard a click, that the gun misfired and he shot and killed Wilhelm in self-defense but prosecutors say that is impossible. Wilhelm wore thick rubber work gloves that night and it would have been impossible to fire a gun while wearing them. According to ballistics expert witness Bernadette Davy, Wilhelm’s weapon did not misfire.