Are Good Expert Witnesses Born Or Trained? Part 3

In Five Imperatives for Expert Witnesses, SynchronicsGroup Trial Consultants, one of the oldest jury and trial consulting firms in the country, writes on “Are good experts born, or can they be trained? In this excerpt, they write on showing an open posture to the jurors:

Show one’s hand

Some people approach life like a poker game: cautious, leery and holding their hands close to their chest so no one can see what’s up their sleeve. This attitude may be appropriate in some places, but not inside the courtroom.

Experts want to keep their hands visible, indicating that they come before the jurors hiding nothing. Let go of a balled fist and show an open palm. The open palm is an especially appropriate expression of cooperation; people use this gesture when they greet each other, shake hands, and ask for understanding. When addressing jurors, experts will want to use the open palm as an expression of their good will.