Wireless Technology Expert Witness On Hiring An Expert Part 1

In The Seven Rules for Hiring a Wireless Technology Expert, wireless technology expert witness Jonathan Wells PhD, MBA,
President, AJIS Wireless Consulting, writes:

Nowadays, wireless technology is ubiquitous. We all carry cell phones, navigate via GPS, check our emails when sitting in coffee shops and hotel rooms, and connect to the internet wirelessly from our homes and offices. Wireless technology is readily available, always on, and everywhere.

The use of wireless technology in litigation is also common. Wireless forensics is becoming widely used in both criminal and civil cases. Wireless technology can be used to remotely monitor phone calls, emails and internet activity, track cell phones, determine the position of criminal activity, and establish the location of parolees and fugitives. In the intellectual property area, vast numbers of mobile, cellular and wireless patents are awarded annually. Wireless technology experts can support patent litigation by providing expertise and analysis on issues of infringement, validity, and value.

There are a number of factors that make retaining a wireless technology expert a daunting experience. The field of wireless technology is wide, the topic is deep and the specifics are complex. This article provides seven things you should look for when hiring a wireless technology expert to help guide you through this minefield.