White Collar Crime Expert Witness On The Opposing Expert Part 1

In Cross-Examining a Financial Expert, white collar crime expert witness Mr. Henry J. Kahrs, CPA/ABV/CFF, CMA, CFE, CM of RGL Forensics writes:

The trial’s going well, and you’ve arrived at a crucial point in the case: the cross-examination of the opposing financial expert. For many attorneys, this can be a watershed moment: how well you are able to cross-examine this expert, and convey the appropriate message to the jury or judge, can significantly impact the damages sought.

With their specialized training, financial experts can often have the advantage when facing a questioner inexperienced with complex financial terms or concepts. Attorneys may inadvertently interchange common language with “terms of art,” or use terms in ways that demonstrate a lack of familiarity with the theories of the discipline. Resulting answers from the expert may vary dramatically from the expected or, in the alternative, provide the expert with an opportunity to show his command of the topic. This can lead to confusion in the court, or give the opposing expert additional credibility.