Collision Analysis Expert Witness On Cause Analysis Part 3

In What is Traffic Accident Reconstruction And Cause Analysis?, collision analysis expert witness Patrick Scott Moore writes:

When selecting a reconstruction specialist the experience, training, education, and certifications of the candidate should be thoroughly examined. The best approach is to require the candidate to have a strong background in each of the above mentioned areas. Many expert witnesses have only one or two of the areas such as education and/or training. With courts becoming more and more critical of experts it is best to search for a candidate that can meet the court’s criteria in all of the areas.

The following is a list of qualifiers:
# How many years of on-scene traffic accident investigation experience # How many on-scene traffic accidents investigated # How much specific traffic accident education and training
* IPTM (University of North Florida)
* Northwestern University (Traffic Accident Institute)
* Texas A&M (Traffic Accident Institute)
* University of California, Riverside (Traffic Accident Institute)

# What certifications have been attained
* a. A.C.T.A.R. (Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction)