Wrongful Termination Expert Witness On “The Attitude Alarm Clock”

In The Attitude “Alarm Clock” wrongful termination expert witness Charles Conine writes on hiring and motivating employees.

It’s all about mental attitude… When hiring, promoting, training and yes, even disciplining, watch the candidate or employee’s attitude. Some, as we all know, are timid about showing they care; with encouragement, however, they blossom. Others are natural leaders and will pick up every job you throw their way, do it, then ask for the next assignment. Others seem wooden, disinterested, unfocused; this group, needless to say, may not be your best new hires. You’re reaching them too late…

All great performers possess an attitude “alarm clock”. They know when it’s time to add effort and when to let others take the lead… Can we teach employees to possess an attitude “alarm clock?” The subject of much debate, this is. What is very clear, however, is that great attitudes are catchy, and where one resides, others will follow.