Environmental Toxicology Expert Witnesses

Environmental toxicology expert witnesses may provide reports on chemical toxicology, ecotoxicology, and forensic toxicology. Here is Wikipedia’s definition of Environmental Toxicology (EnTox):

EnTox is a young (1965) and interdisciplinary science that uses both basic and applied scientific knowledge to understand natural and anthropogenic pollutants life cycle and their impacts upon structure and functions of biological and ecological systems. Research in EnTox includes both laboratory experiments and field studies. EnTox wants to answer two main questions (1) How the release pollutant causes harmful effects? (2) What can we do to prevent or minimize risk to biological and ecological system?..

People misunderstand EnTox as a scientific discipline that only focus on chemicals into the environment. Not true. That represents environmental chemistry and chemodynamics. Environmental toxicology covers more than only chemicals into the environment; it also includes studying and understanding the adverse effects caused by those chemicals’ release into the environment on living systems such as wildlife, aquatic species, pets, humans and ecological systems.

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