Utah Expert Allowed to Testify Regarding Woman’s Body

Fourth District Judge Samuel McVey will allow the prosecution to use an endocrinology expert witness to explain the female body in a case involving sexual abuse.

Dr. Larry Andrew is on trial for allegedly inappropriately touching patients during infertility treatments. The defendant has said he massaged the patients genitals to relive pain. The prosecution has argued that the defendant did this soley for sexual gratification.

As reported in the Utah Daily Herald:

“[Judge] McVey said it would not be unusual to bring in an expert witness to testify about a woman’s body, to inform the jury. He said it would be like bringing in an auto mechanic to inform a jury about a carburetor of a car, if the case was about where a car was touched.

McVey ruled that the prosecution will be able to use Jones as an expert witness to explain the female body, as well as the trial transfer procedure Andrew was performing as an infertility doctor and discuss that it is usually not painful.

The trial begins on March 20, 2007.