Trucking Expert Witnesses & Fuel Consumption Regs Part 1

Trucking expert witnesses may opine on emission requirements, federal motor carrier safety regulations, and related subjects. reports that the federal government proposed the first regulations limiting fuel consumption of work trucks – from big-rig trucks to concrete mixers, buses, even heavy-duty pickups – saying the rules finally address the thirstiest and most-polluting vehicles on the road.

The proposal, which would take effect with 2014 models and ratchet up through 2018 models, requires a public comment period and other procedures, and wouldn’t be final until next year. The rules would raise the cost of trucks and the diesel engines most of them use, but the government says the payback in fuel-cost savings would be as fast as one year for heavily used over-the-road trucks.

Even so, “We are concerned that this could price some buyers out of the market,” says Kyle Treadway, chairman of the American Truck Dealers and owner of a Kenworth dealership in Salt Lake City. Lower fuel consumption is good, he agrees, but the federal proposal “is expected to add thousands of dollars to the cost per truck.”

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