Tree Expert Witness On “After The Storm” Part 2

In After the Storm…(but before the cleanup starts) tree expert witness Russell E. Carlson, RCA, BCMA, writes:

What are the details? Start at the beginning, with the species of tree. Then measure the trunk at 4.5 feet above the ground level. Take either the diameter or the circumference — just indicate which you used. Check the tree for its condition — look for signs of decay, especially if it was visible before the damage occurred. Look for insect or disease damage. You don’t have to be an expert at this, just record if there is some type of damage from a pest, and describe that damage.

Next, write down details of where the tree was located. This includes where on a property it stood, how far from structures, etc. A simple site sketch will help. If the tree damaged other things when it fell, make note of the type and extent of damage. Include other landscape plants and hardscape features that were damaged or destroyed, especially if they will be removed with the tree. If vehicles were involved, indicate where they traveled, and where they came to rest. Also list the names of anyone who worked on the cleanup: this may be critical to a later investigation.

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