Tree Care Expert Witnesses

Tree care expert witnesses may opine on certified arborists, diagnosis and treatment of tree diseases, forestry, and related topics. In Chipping Away at Chipper Safety, Rick Howland writes:

The tree care industry can be a dangerous one, but is becoming less so as the days go on, thanks to two things that can work independently or in concert with one another: Safer equipment and better operator training.

The chipper is a perfect example. You might think you recognize all the improvements that have been made in chipper technology over the years, but you are likely to be wrong. Sure, you can click off the major steps in safety and training, but there is some very subtle, very effective engineering that’s working on your behalf, thanks in large part to a savvy manufacturing group that wants you and your employees to be efficient in your job and safe enough to, yes – go home to your family each night, but also to come back and buy more, bigger and better machines.

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