Toxicology Expert Witness Opines On Death of Ex-Pakistan Cricket Coach

Jamaican expert witness Fitzmore Coates testified Thursday at the inquest into the death of ex-Pakistan cricket coach Bob Woolmer. Woolmer, 58, was found unconscious in his Kingston hotel room on March 18 and Coates, acting chief forensic officer at the Government Forensic Science Laboratory, said tests showed traces of the potentially deadly pesticide cypermethrin. The toxicology expert witness said 3.4 milligrams per millilitre of the deadly pesticide was found in Woolmer’s stomach. “The final calculation of cypermethrin in the stomach content which I analyzed would be significant. It could cause vomiting, diarrhea, nausea and death,” Coates. He also found cypermethrin in samples of blood and urine taken from Woolmer and the substance was also seen in a straw-coloured liquid taken from Woolmer’s room at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel. also reports:

Last month, the government’s pathology expert witness Dr. Ere Sheshiah, who performed the post-mortem in Woolmer’s body, told the court the cause of death was “asphyxia, associated with cypermethrin poisoning.”