The Scope Of The Child Sexual Abuse Expert Witness

This week police in Beaverton, Oregon, arrested 17 year old swim coach Mitchell Alan Douglas Kelly who is accused of sexually abusing two young girls at the Sunset Athletic Club. The girls were taken from the pool area to another part of the facility, according to Sgt. Bob Ray. Investigators for the Washington County Sheriff’s Office are concerned there may be other victims.

In this type of case, child sexual abuse expert witnesses may testify regarding sexual misconduct, sexual molestation, and child sexual assault. These professionals may provide reports concerning sexual exploitation and statutory rape. On its website, The American Board of Pediatrics describes the child abuse pediatrics practice scope which includes:

Understand the commonly used definitions of child sexual abuse.
Know the overall incidence and prevalence of sexual abuse of children and adolescents.

Know the general risk factors for sexual abuse by the age of the victims.

Understand the characteristics of children and adolescents that may place them
at risk of being sexually abused.

Understand family dynamics that may place a child at risk for sexual abuse.

Understand the role of childhood sexual abuse of a mother as a risk factor for the
sexual abuse of her children.

Describe societal and cultural factors that may place a child at risk for sexual abuse.

Psychosexual development
Know the stages of psychosexual development of children.

Recognize when a child’s sexual behavior is not appropriate to his/her developmental stage.

Differentiate between normative sexual behaviors and sexual behavior problems in children.

Recognize that sexual behaviors can be a sign or consequence of child sexual abuse.

Know the social and behavioral factors (e.g. abuse, IPV, mental illness, exposure to sexually explicit materials, conduct disorders) that can be associated with sexual behavior problems in children.