Trucking Accident Expert Witnesses & The Spoliation Letter

Trucking accident expert witnesses may opine on qualifications of truck drivers, crashworthiness, truck maintenance, and related topics. In The Importance of Hiring an Experienced Truck Accident Attorney, attorney Randy Rozek writes:

As any experienced truck accident lawyer knows, the spoliation letter is perhaps the most important step in representing any truck crash victim. In my office, I insist that a spoliation letter be sent out the same day I am retained. This is not discretionary it is mandatory. The spoliation letter is sent certified to the the trucking company AND the truck driver. The spoliation letter puts the company and driver on notice of the claim and directs them not to destroy the essential evidence that I need to prove my client’s case. The spoliation letter also directs the company and driver that if they decide to destroy this critical evidence, then the Court will likely instruct the jury that this evidence would have been favorable to the injury victim. My spoliation letters are very specific as to the exact evidence that must be retained. My spoliation letters vary depending on the facts of the crash. Only an experienced truck accident attorney has the knowledge to draft an appropriate spoliation letter tailored to the facts of the crash.

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