Terrorism Expert Witness Explains Hamas Operations

Expert witness Dr. Matthew Levitt, director of the Washington Institute’s Stein Program on Terrorism, Intelligence, and Policy, continued his testimony Wednesday in the case against the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development. HLF is charged with channeling material support to HAMAS, the Palestinian terrorist group. Five HLF officials are on trial in Dallas while two others live abroad and are considered fugitives. Levitt, the prosecution’s terrorism expert witness, testified as a HAMAS expert about the group’s methods of recruitment and their violent attacks.
Counterterrorismblog.com also reports:

Levitt also spent considerable time discussing the charitable Zakat Committees. He called them “HAMAS’ most effective tool… they build grassroots support for the organization…(and) provide a logistical support mechanism to the terrorism wing by providing day jobs to HAMAS terrorists…Hamas seeks to establish an Islamic Palestinian state in all of Israel, Gaza and the West Bank,” he said. Levitt has testified in other criminal trials in the United States including US v Marzook et al in Chicago and US v Al-Arian et al in Tampa.