Television Interview May Trip up Forensic Expert

Famed forensic expert witness Henry Lee’s television interview could result in sanctions against Phil Spector’s defense in Spector’s murder trial. The Associated Press is reporting that prosecutors are now seeking sanctions, which could range from barring Lee’s testimony, to advising the jury of a failure to disclose evidence in a timely manner.

Henry Lee, made famous as an expert witness in the O.J. Simpson murder trial, disclosed in an interview on Court TV an unusual theory that blood spatter could travel 72 inches. The interview came on the eve of a defense opening statement that utilized the same information. The prosecution states it was unaware of the defense theory until Lee was interviewed on Court TV.

The blood splatter distance is important is establishing how far Spector was from the victim at the time of her death. Prosecutors claim that the music producer shot actress Lana Clarkson, while the defense asserts she shot herself.