Accident Reconstruction Expert Witnesses & Teen Crashes Part 2

Accident reconstruction expert witnesses may write reports on collision analysis, collision speed, and more. In State Farm Data Shows That October Remains Most Dangerous Month Nationally for Teen Crashes, the Accident Reconstruction Network reports:

Teens Are Conflicted. State Farm survey shows 70% of new drivers are nervous about being in a crash or hurting someone, yet 57% say they text while driving.

A recent State Farm survey by Harris Interactive shows that despite concerns about getting into an accident, most teen drivers still lack awareness about the true ramifications of dangerous driving practices. In the survey, of 14- to 17 year olds who intend to have or already have a driver’s license, 70 percent of teen drivers admitted to being nervous about being in a crash or hurting someone. But despite these concerns, 57 percent of teens admit to reading or sending text messages while driving.

When we asked teens why their peers text while driving even though they know it is dangerous, the general response is that staying connected is more important than ever to Generation Y.