Trucking Computer Systems Expert Witness On Truck Crashes Part 2

Trucking computer systems expert witness Robert R. Reed writes on Truck/tractor-trailer crashes:

Some very important items often overlooked in truck crashes are the “OBC” on board computer system and “GPS” global positioning satellite systems used on approximately 70% of modern carriers fleet. Another feature overlooked is the “ECM” engine control modules and “ABS” anti-lock brake system modules that have been on most large trucks since the late 1990’s. The “GPS” and “OBC” are used to monitor drivers, freight, positions of equipment, communications, hours of service, fuel consumption, dispatch, maintenance, driver activities and truck operation and build data reports into the trucking computer systems that are used during the normal course of business in the trucking industry and can be available to assist in crash reconstruction. “ECM” and “ABS” modules are systems built into the truck’s electrical system that record and store information on the trucks operation including speed, distance brake usage and diagnostics of both engine and brake system.