Real Estate Expert Witness On The Almost Paperless Office Part 2

In How we created an almost paperless real estate expert office, real estate expert witness Merrie Turner Lightner writes on shared virtual work spaces:

The skeleton of our virtual workspace is Central Desktop. Case documents are uploaded just once and reside in a secure virtual library, hugely reducing paper waste and the time required to make repetitive paper copies. Email discussions are posted in this virtual workspace instead of being sent to individual mailboxes. A centralized location for files, discussions, databases and task lists allows Ms. Lightner’s clients and experts to access critical data and information – 24×7 with only a web browser and internet connection.

Team members can even create and revise Word and Excel documents stored on the Central Desktop site, from directly within Microsoft Office. Users document and organize, link and reorganize their research. They can also create custom databases for storing information, and stream-lining the work flow of their business information documentation. Important too, Central Desktop provides a time ticket function for billing purposes, as well as a calendaring system that’s integrated with Microsoft Outlook. These are just a few of the available built-in tools for day-to-day usage. Because Central Desktop is very flexible, we can customize each client’s virtual workspace on a case-by-case basis.