Communication Analysis Expert Witness On Product Warnings

In The Goldhaber Warnings Report, communication analysis expert witness Dr. Gerald M. Goldhaber writes on how to design a product warning:

2. Who is the likely user of our products that may be hazardous at the time of use? A meeting among marketing personnel should be held, during which they consult any available market research and demographic studies to identify and profile the likely or typical user of the product(s). Warnings are a form of communication and, as with any communication, should be designed with the intended audience in mind. A review of all sales, promotional and safety literature related to the product, including manuals, current labels, brochures, the company web site, advertisements, packaging, videotapes or DVD’s of ads, as well as any in-house documents (memos, minutes of meetings, studies, etc.) related to the design, development and evaluation of warnings should occur.