Security Expert Witness Sides With Dodgers

Expert witness James P. Graham testified for the defense in Maria Parra Helenius’ lawsuit against the Dodgers and her assailant. Helenius says she was left legally blind from a punch in the right eye by Denis Ordaz and that Ordaz should have been ejected earlier by the Dodgers security team. The security expert witness supervised various bicentennial events in 1776 and opined that “Miss Helenius violated the No. 1 personal safety rule: A person should always flee from an aggressive person and not confront them unless trapped.” also reports:

When Helenius complained to two uniformed Los Angeles police officers supplementing the Dodger security team that day about Ordaz’s unruly behavior, they did the right thing by relocating Ordaz’s group instead of detaining or ejecting her, Graham said.

“It is my opinion that the L.A. Dodgers took reasonable, professional, thorough and effective security precautions,” Graham said. “They had no right to detain (Ordaz) because she had not committed a crime.”