Security Expert Witness On Security Ordinances

In SECURITY: By Design And Decree security expert witness Robert A. Gardner, CPP, writes on security ordinances:

To ensure that security and crime prevention considerations are included in new construction and remodeling projects, a growing number of city and county governments have adopted minimum security standards as part of their local building codes. Generally where these standards exist, they are subjected to the same inspection and review process as any other building code requirement. Compliance must be shown before building permits can be obtained or certificates of occupancy issued. Although these codes are primarily applicable during the design and construction process, many also place requirements and restrictions on the continuing use of buildings and property after construction. Building Security Codes can apply to all building types and most land uses.

While specific wording may vary somewhat among jurisdictions, the requirements of these codes are generally similar. One reason for this similarity is the fact that many jurisdictions have adopted security ordinances based on Model Building Security Codes such as the one developed by the California Crime Prevention Officers Association (CCPOA). This organization was an early proponent of “Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design” and Building Security Codes. It is a pioneer in the crime prevention field and has, through its members, been instrumental in the development of many of the crime prevention programs in use today.