Security Expert Witness On Apartment Building Security Part 1

In Finding a Remedy For Renters, security expert witness John a. Harris writes:

When crime occurs in a residential apartment building, a security expert witness can help you evaluate whether the victim has a viable case against the property owner… Security is one of the foremost problems facing apartment-community owners because apartments have become prime targets for criminals in recent years. Criminals are often drawn to a particular property because they know the owner has not taken adequate security measures. Owners may give security a low priority, choosing instead to focus on “curb appeal”amenities such as landscaping, tennis courts, gyms, and swimming pools to attract and retain tenants…

Residents are often transient and thus less likely to know one another, visitors and delivery persons come and go at odd hours, and organizations such as Community Watch are more difficult to sustain because residents are not permanent. Frequently, young residents are living away from home for the first time and are naive about the possibility of crime. Also, residents may assume, often incorrectly, that the owner is providing adequate security because the property appears well maintained, well lit, and secure with gates and fences-and because the leasing agent indicated to the residents that the property was safe when they signed the lease. Despite these challenges, landlords must make security issues a top priority.